About me, this blog and this section in English

This section is the only part in English of a blog in French about social justice, personal transformation and collective liberation.

My name (well, on the internet at least 😉 ) is Sisu. I am a cis « wokesexual »/ bisexual femme, young adult, neurodivergent targeted by ableism, white-passing mixed, thin, raised mostly upper middle-class (with low-income influence), French citizen with a French & Camerooneese heritage as well as some Canadian cultural influence. For those interested, I am also 6w7 sx/so, INFJ and Scorpio with Sagittarius rising.

At 15, I quit school and became an activist and independent learner. Over the past 7 years since, I’ve read, wrote and done practical and collective work in chilhood liberation, unschooling, anti-ageism, ecology, anti-industrialism & anti-capitalism, anarchism, feminism, reproductive justice, alternative medecine and healthcare, disability justice, mad liberation, people of color liberation, transformative justice and anti-classism (and still have much to learn). In June 2014, I created this blog to gather (« recueillir » means « to gather ») all the writings I had published in different radical French journals and translations I had worked on, as well as to encourage me to write some new ones.

Then, in September (2015), for many reasons I won’t elaborate on here, I decided to go back to school, in an American progressive liberal arts college. My first quarter I took a program on race, gender and disability. It was the best program I could have taken but it also brought me to realize I was at heart an independent learner and could not follow someone’s else’s syllabus. So, now I will be enjoying the opportunity I have at this school ( I didn’t choose this one for nothin’) to work independently on projects instead of taking classes.

This is why I created this section of my blog: as a way to share my work with my community here and the English-speaking world. I intend to update it every week (you can submit to receive each new posts)

I hope you will find here what you need. I would love to read what you think too, whether through comments or private message.

With love and passion,